Best Firefox Extension for Bloggers, Ever

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Deze wil jullie beslist niet onthouden, de titel zegt genoeg en de tool is perfect:

"I've spent the last hour customizing CopyURL+, a fantastic extension for firefox i found over at Brian Cantoni's site this morning. It will save me hours and hours as i post at TW and other places, and if you post more than once or twice a day, you're gonna like it, a LOT.

Essentially, it's a copy and paste tool that will work with all manner of html elements to make linking and quoting very very simple. For example, if i want to quote somebody, and link to them - i just select the text as usual, right click and select the CopyURL+ menu and choose my customized menu item that will put it into nice html including the blockquote for me. Lovely!

You can get all the details at the CopyURL+ page, but for the outstandingly lazy , you're welcome to grab my user.js file (you can find where to put it on the site) and use that as a base for your own customizations.

The only problem i see, and can't solve, is that the original menu items are there along with my customized ones (which are beneath them). I'd like to ditch those entirely if anyone knows how...?"

Henk de Hooge

Henk is Internet Entrepreneur, founder van Dutchcowboys en daarnaast tech en travelblogger, fotograaf, visual storyteller en bovenal een digitale nomade....

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