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25 september is de grote finale van Vodafone Mobile Clicks 2009 op PICNIC, de zes finalisten zijn bekend en gaan vanaf nu met elkaar de eindstrijd aan. Voor Nederland zijn dat (in alfabetische volgorde) Layar, MobyPicture en MyNameIsE. Voor Engeland zijn dit Audioboo, Rummble en Woobius geworden. Ook jij kunt je stem uitbrengen op jouw favoriete startup. Meer info en up to date blijven volg @vmc2009 op Twitter.

Hieronder volgt een korte omschrijving van de zes finalisten, overgenomen van de VMC2009 website:


A browser that uses 'augmented reality', by which means users can see which enterprises and services are in their surroundings by looking through the camera of their mobile phone.


A service that makes it possible to share photo's, video's and audio with friends at social network sites like Hyves, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, with one press of a button.


A service that facilitates connecting people on- en offline by gathering their profiles on various social networks - like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter - at one place. Subsequently these can be shared in real life via a mobile telephone or a special device, The Connector.


A service that makes it possible to directly record audio (for example interviews or quotes) and share it with social network sites like Twitter and Facebook. The last recorded, most popular and featured "boos" from the community can be played as well.


A service that recommends content to the user, based on people with the same interests and hobbies. By sharing information and creating a trust network, the user will get more interesting content.


A service that lets architects and builders in the construction business collaborate, by gathering all information and data in one place with access to everyone involved. With the help of Woobius Eye for mobile, it is possible to solve problems and reduce build costs and the number of mistakes made.

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