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Google komt met een erotische zoekmachine op de markt. De zoekmachine die de naam Grotica krijgt, komt naast de huidige sites te staan. Dat staat tenminste in het officiele persbericht van het bedrijf. De vraag is echter op Google niet wordt gespammed met een fake bericht!

Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced today its plans to enter the lucrative adult content market with a new search engine that will be kept separate from its main line of search services .

Called Grotica, the new service uses sophisticated image processing tools to automatically categorize still photos and movies according to subject matter and degree of explicitness. Google's powerful keyword search functions have been further enhanced for this application with over 3000 synonyms for anatomical terms and erotic activities.

When users visit they will be able to specify a plain language description of the material they are searching for, or point the search engine to an existing image containing similar content. Grotica will then use a proprietary ranking algorithm to return the most relevant hits.

Naturally, Google has anticipated objections of some customers to this new business line. The company emphasizes that since Grotica will be entirely separate from its other web services, filtering software such as SafeSearch and NetNanny will easily be able to block access to the site by minors.

The new service is expected to generate over $35 million in advertising revenue in the first three months of release.

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