Google bevestigd bug in webaccelarator

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Google heeft inmiddels officieel bevestigd dat er een bug zit in haar nieuwste product "Google webaccelarator". Begin deze week wisten we al te melden dat na de lancering van de bètaversie een stroom van klachten binnengekomen was bij Google over de functionaliteit van de dienst,

"Google officials Friday confirmed that the company was aware of as many as five sites where Web Accelerator was returning users cached pages under other people's user names.

"It is an unfortunate problem, but it looks worse than it is," Mayer said. "We are caching those pages on the server side with the user name on them…You see it, but it's important to point out that you are not logged in as user and you do not have the session cookies needed to perform operations as [that] user."

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