Search Engine Awards 2004

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Pandia heeft de Pandia Awards voor o.a. de beste Search Engine. Hier een samenvatting:

Beste search engine: Google Google continues to deliver good search results and it continues to innovate, giving users tools that are genuinely useful, not only marketing gimmicks. Google's major problem is search engine spamming. If any of its competitors finds a better way of handling spam, they may be able to deliver search results that are better than Google's.

Runners up: Yahoo!, MSN en Old timer Ask Jeeves (powered by Teoma) Outsider: Gigablast

De beste meta search site: Ixquick (Nederlands succes!) Ixquick is simple and easy to understand. Each search result page presents alternative search engine queries that lets you focus your search. You may select which search engines ixquick should include in its results, and text ads are clearly marked as sponsored results. Highly recommended: ez2www, Profusion Vivisimo's Clusty.

Beste website over search: Search Engine Watch. Niet US toppers zijn @-Web, Abondance, Voelspriet (!!) en Internetbrus.

Beste search engine forum: Webmaster World.

Beste boek over search: Tara Calishain: Web Search Garage Tara Calishain is one of the most respected Web search experts in the world, so when she publishes a book, searchers pay attention. Her new book, called Web Search Garage, takes a new approach to web search tutorial writing. She goes beyond the traditional search engines and tells us about a lot of tools and techniques that will let you harvest the information you need on the World Wide Web.

Beste desktop search tool: Copernic (gefeliciteerd Henk!!). Copernic has a simple and easy to understand interface. By using pull-down menus you can actually build quite advanced search queries. Copernic Desktop Search gets the price for its easy to understand interface and its fast and inobtrusive indexing.

Hoop dat ze volgend jaar ook local, mobile, video en personal search meenemen...

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