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Het speelveld 'desktop search' wordt steeds interessanter. Partijen rollebollen over straat met nieuwe releases and features. x1 komt nu met de 'public beta release of x1 version 5.0'. Volgens Marc Orchant is de nieuwe versie stunning: "Virtually every issue I’ve had with x1 has been addressed and the application has been made better in so many ways that I will spare you a laundry list and highlight a few of the major improvements:

* Search All - at last! You can now search across all of x1’s indexes. * Improved integration with Outlook including a new Lookout-style search bar right inside the program. This Outlook search bar offers all the same goodies as the application’s interface and the new deskbar (se below). * x1 now supports Mozilla Thunderbird. * The interface has been completely redisgned and is now much more “Windows-like” and much less obtrusive (especially in docked mode). * A new deskbar that provides a search box (with history or your recent searches) and icons to search All, E-mail, Attachments, Contacts, or Files. * Saved Searches - you can now save any search parameters and rerun that search at any time.

If you want to see the state-of-the-art in desktop search (right now, of course - this is a moving target), check out the beta of x1 5.0.

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