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Google Chrome OS: Have people taken leave of their senses? (ZDNet) - "[…]Google may be good at getting product out the door but it is not so great at delivering a polished product. […] I defy any enterprise buyer to seriously consider dumping Excel in favor of Google Docs and Spreadsheet."

10 Things we’re dying to know about Chrome OS (ReadWriteWeb) - "Although people like to pit Google versus Microsoft, it’s really Google versus Microsoft and Apple."

What will Google’s Chrome OS watch you do? (Webware) - "To provide a better picture on what to expect, let’s take a look at some of the ways Google is currently monitoring user activity in a handful of its products and how that may trickle down into the OS."

5 Reasons Google chrome OS will fail (Linuxworld) - "I’m Steve Ballmer and here’s what I say: Windows 7 NB (for netbooks) will be free through all of 2010. Starting right now. Anything Google can do, Microsoft can–at least theoretically–do better."

Netbook OS Oddsmaking, who will win the war? (GigaOM) - "There’s so much that can happen on the web in a year or two. A year ago, I didn’t envision recording video on my phone and having it appear on YouTube with the press of a button. I didn’t forsee that my computer would determine its location solely by using a database of Wi-Fi access points."

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