Alleen Google en Amazon blijven over

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Alleen Google en Amazon blijven over

Over een tijdje zijn er nog maar twee grote spelers die de dienst uitmaken op internet: Google en Amazon.

Jeffrey Lindsay van het het Wall Street-onderzoeksbureau Sanford C. Bernstein legt in een 310 pagina’s tellend rapport uit waarom internetgigant Google en webshop Amazon de beste kansen hebben om de economische recessie te overleven, aldus Reuters.

"Both Google and are still racking up annual growth rates in the 30-40 percent range, with only a relatively modest slowdown in sight."

Lindsay reiterates his previous positions that Yahoo eventually will be sold to Microsoft Corp and that Barry Diller's IAC e-commerce conglomerate will go ahead in August with its five-way split-up, as planned.

"Arguably the weakest players have strayed furthest from their original competences and have been operating largely as conglomerates," the Bernstein analyst says of Yahoo and IAC.

In the short-run, however, Lindsay believes Yahoo will see gains if it reaches a deal to turn over some part of its search advertising sales to Google to run or if Microsoft resumes acquisition negotiations.

He argues that eBay "could potentially attract a Microsoft-like suitor in the future," especially if growth in its core auctions business fails to resume and because eBay could spin off its PayPal or Skype units to make a deal work.


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