5 miljoen dollar voor Sellaband

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5 miljoen dollar voor Sellaband

Vandaag heeft  Sellaband bekend gemaakt dat het bedrijf een investering van 5 miljoen dollar (3.500.000 Euro) heeft ontvangen van het Nederlandse 'Prime Technology Ventures'. Het fonds investeerde eerder in bijvoorbeeld eBuddy, AdJustables en Nedstat.

Waarom Sellaband? We were excited about Sellaband the first time we heared the story. The excitement has increased ever since. It looks like the perfect storm is building in the Music industry and Sellaband is gearing up to ride the wave the storm is creating. Sellaband has all the ingredients to become the record company of the future. We are looking forward to help Sellaband getting there and enjoy the adventure together."

Directeur van Sellaband, Johan Vosmeijer, over de injectie:
"Especially during the last part of 2007, we realised more than ever that at the end of the day, we are just a bunch of idealists who are trying to conquer the world from a small office in Amsterdam. Yes, we were able to announce a number of crucial partnerships, but if we really wanted to achieve that crucial growth and become a global player, we would need a professional partner. Enter Prime Technology Ventures".

Meer informatie op de nieuwssite van Sellaband.

Carl Lens

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