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Volgens een recent onderzoek van eMarketer blijkt dat het boeken van reizen via internet steeds populairder begint te worden. Het onderzoek geeft aan dat 28% van de volwassenen verwacht binnen 6 maanden een reis via het web te boeken .

According to the latest Harris Interactive Travel Report for 2004, 28% of US adults planning their vacation travel in the next six months will book their trips with a travel website. Furthermore, 22% of those traveling on business in the next six months will do so on travel-related sites as well, while 31% of those planning combined business/leisure trips say they to will turn to travel websites.

It is interesting to note the behavior of people planning such combined trips, as the lines between business and personal time become increasingly blurred.

The Internet is the preferred medium for planning combined trips, but adults are also likely to turn to a corporate travel department, though the number citing such means of making combined trip arrangements (13%) is notably lower than those who go to travel Web sites or to travel supplier Web sites.

Harris surveyed 1,544 US adults between September 14 and 17 and found that 1,344 are planning at least one trip within the next 6 months.

Harris also learned that besides the standard issue of price, consumers say they would be more loyal to travel sites if they were designed better (18%) or if they were able to speak to a live agent (22%). What's more, providing more travel options and more travel packages was cited by 14% of respondents, respectively, as qualities that would make them more loyal to travel sites.

Keynote Systems recently released a study on travel which was focused solely on business travelers.

It also found that loyalty is key for travel sites, as 48% of business travelers told Keynote that loyalty programs are an important consideration when choosing where to book online.

Over 40% of business travelers start their search at a particular travel site, reports Keynote, with Expedia leading the pack, followed by Travelocity and then Orbitz, while more than 20% begin their online search directly at a supplier site.

Though most business travelers stick with just one site during their online research process — be it travel site or supplier site — over 35% say they go to multiple sites over the course of their planning and booking process.

Keynote bases its data on research conducted with 1,500 business travelers as they interacted with a number of different travel sites online.

Bron: eMarketer

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