30 jaar Apple geschiedenis

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The Economist kijkt terug op de geschiedenis van Apple en verzamelt 4 belangrijke lessen om een soortgelijke "God Machine” (aka iPhone) uit te brengen:

1. The first is that innovation can come from without as well as within… its real skill lies in stitching together its own ideas with technologies from outside and then wrapping the results in elegant software and stylish design. 2. Apple illustrates the importance of designing new products around the needs of the user, not the demands of the technology. 3. …a third lesson from Apple is that smart companies should sometimes ignore what the market says it wants today. 4. The fourth lesson from Apple is to 'fail wisely.' The Macintosh was born from the wreckage of the Lisa, an earlier product that flopped; the iPhone is a response to the failure of Apple's original music phone, produced in conjunction with Motorola.

“None of these things, of course, guarantees success: you can buy in clever ideas, pursue simplicity, ignore focus groups and fail wisely—and still go bust.”

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