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Een nieuw onderzoek concludeert dat online yellow pages effeciever zijn voor local advertisers dan search engine marketing?! Vreemde openingszin van eMarketer.

Yellow pages publishers, facing pressure from search engines, sponsored a study conducted by comScore that found that local searches via online yellow pagesn were more efficient than search engine searches, and that online yellow page searchers spent more offline after hunting for local products and services. The local advertising market is huge and fragmented. According to Universal McCann, local advertising totaled over $97.7 billion in 2004, and will top $100 billion this year.

The new study analyzed searches by a 1.5 million-strong consumer panel throughout the year of 2004. It compared 150 million Internet Yellow Page (IYP) sites with Internet search sites AOL, Ask Jeeves, Google, MSN and Yahoo. "Local search" was defined as a search conducted by querying on both a keyword and the name of a city, state, ZIP code or telephone number. The top five consumer search categories were studied: financial services, health care, home services, automotive products and services, and restaurant dining.

The study found that search engines were much more commonly used, accounting for 66% of local searches, while yellow pages accounted for 34%. Measured by how many clicks it took searchers to find what they were looking for, yellow pages were more efficient. On average, consumers used 4.6 clicks to find local results. With search engines, users took 7.6 clicks on average. The study also found that yellow pages users spent more money offline after searching.

Either way...een goede Search Engine Marketing zorgt ervoor dat een bedrijf goed wordt gevonden op Internet. Aanwezigheid bij Search Engines, maar ook in de verschillende business directories. Niet alleen Search of Yellow, maar beiden zou mijn devies dus zijn!

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