Mobile Adwords tot November 2007 gratis

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Google gaat de komende tijd zijn mobiele versie van Adwords promoten door deze gratis aan te bieden!

"text ads are eligible to appear on Google Mobile Search pages, they will run for free through November 18, 2007. "

Om te bekijken hoe je Landingspagina op een mobiele telefoon verschijnt. Moet je op de 'Preview' link klikken aan de onderkant van de "Performance Data: Search Ads on Google Mobile Search” pagina. Type vervolgens de URL in het lege veld en Click Go.

Michael Blumenthal heeft een copy van de brief die hij van Google heeft gekregen hierover

“Hello Michael Blumenthal,

We are happy to announce a new feature that will allow you to easily reach additional qualified customers who are searching Google from their mobile phones.

In the next few days, your search ads will be eligible to run on Google Mobile Search pages (like they currently do on We are offering this feature - and any resulting clicks - for free through November 18, so you can experiment with the rapidly growing mobile platform while still reaching qualified customers.

Each ad’s eligibility will be determined by its landing page and only ads with landing pages that can be adapted for viewing on mobile browsers will be shown. You can monitor each ad’s performance via a special performance tracking page within your account called “Performance Data: Search Ads on Google Mobile Search.”

Again, you will not be charged for clicks on these ads until November 19, at which time we will begin charging the usual CPC prices. And as always, you may opt-out of this feature at any time.

We hope you find this new feature helpful and profitable, and we urge you to learn more about it at our AdWords Help Center.

Thank you for advertising with Google AdWords.

Sincerely, The Google AdWords Team”

Voor meer informatie over Mobile Adwords Klik hier (Via Menno Hoekstra/MobileCowboys)

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