5 top 10 lijstjes om jezelf beter te maken

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Voor de creatieve generalisten onder ons: vijf top tien lijstjes over datgene waar je nu mee bezig bent.

Deze lijst jes zijn van Dave Pollard's blog met als naam: "How to Save the World". Tja. Ga eens kijken als deze lijstjes je aanspreken.

Ten rules for being more imaginative: 1. Pay attention 2. Spend time with children 3. Remember your dreams 4. Change your point of view 5. Collaborate 6. Transport yourself 7. Improvise 8. Break the rules 9. Believe, and make believe 10. Get away from the media

The ten most important trends in business: 1. Open-Source Business 2. Disruptive Innovation 3. Complexity 4. Corporate Reform 5. Innovation Incubation 6. Social Networking and Personal Productivity Improvement 7. Wisdom of Crowds 8. Channel Customization 9. Customer Relationship Management 10. Execution

Ten great selling tips: 1. Invest in face-time with customers 2. Solve the problem, don't excuse it 3. Return calls promptly 4. Make it easy for the customer to buy 5. Give the customer something 'extra' 6. Listen first, sell later 7. Show, don't tell 8. Understand that the customer is not buying your product 9. Don't sell yourself short 10. Know your customer, know your products

The nine reasons we don't do what we should: 1. Fear 2. Lack of Self-Confidence 3. Lack of Knowledge 4. Trying to Do Too Much Alone 5. Trying to Do Too Much 6. Loss of Self 7. Lack of Energy 8. Lack of Reward 9. It Can't Be Done

The world's ten most intractable problems: 1. Creating a health care system that works 2. Improving the education system 3. Achieving energy/resource self-sufficiency and sustainability 4. Creating a humane and efficient food system 5. Reforming corporate conduct 6. Creating integral, intentional communities 7. Reducing over-crowding and over-population 8. Reducing poverty and violence 9. Increasing business innovation 10. Increasing wilderness and biodiversity


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