Eric Schmidt brengt in april een boek uit over Google

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Eric Schmidt brengt in april een boek uit over Google

Knopf Doubleday Publishing kondigde gisteren aan dat ze een boek zullen gaan lanceren met de titel The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business, met als mede-auteur Google's mede-oprichter Eric Schmidt. Het boek zal uitgebracht worden op 23 april. "Schmidt and Cohen have written a clear-eyed, seminal book about our future," vertelt Knopf's voorzitter en hoofdredacteur Sonny Mehta. "It is a fascinating depiction of both what could happen and what will happen."

De aankondiging (via CNET) geeft een korte beschrijving van het boek:

"With the spread of connectivity, citizens will have more power than at any other time in history, but this will come with costs, particularly to both privacy and security. The technology we talk about naturally collects and stores much personal information....The risk that this information is released is increasing, and while the technology to protect it is available, human error, nefarious activity and the passage of time means that it will only become more difficult to keep information private."

"We believe that modern technology platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, are even more powerful than most people realize. These platforms constitute a true paradigm shift, and what gives them power is their ability to grow – specifically, their speed to scale. Almost nothing, short of a biological virus, can scale as quickly, efficiently or aggressively as these technology platforms and this makes the people who build, control, and use them powerful too."


"This is a book about the importance of a guiding human hand in the new digital age. For all the possibilities that communication technologies represent, their use for good or ill depends solely on people. Forget all the talk about machines taking over. What happens in the future is up to us."

Het boek zal ook verkrijgbaar zijn als e-boek en als audioboek. 

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