Is this a Game Changer In Eco-Driving? The Cité lib by Ha:mo

Is this a Game Changer In Eco-Driving? The Cité lib by Ha:mo

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In late 2014 Toyota started with the Ha:mo project in Grenoble, France. Goal of this project? Toyota wants to create a new city transportation system for the next generation called Ha:mo. They aim to decrease traffic gridlock by mixing the new ultra micro i-ROAD with public transportation.

The ultra-compact and solar-powered i-Road is the centrepiece of this innovative new business plan that's designed to reduce the environmental impact of motoring and also revitalise the manufacturer's technologically ground-breaking reputation.

The idea was simple: hire an i-Road, drive it where you like, then return it to your closest docking station, ready for the next person.

It was backed by the app and management system, Ha:Mo, which allows drivers to check the location and availability of car-sharing vehicles, book them through their smartphones, and be guided along the best possible route to their destination. In addition, charging stations were seamlessly connected to the IT infrastructure of Grenoble's transport network.

City dwellers were encouraged to use the mobility system to bridge the "last mile" between other public transport and their end destination – all in an effort to reduce congestion and carbon dioxide emissions.

Toyota is constantly seeking new forms of mobility to change the amazement of today into the commonplace of tomorrow.
- Toyota Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada


The i-ROAD is a new, ultra-compact electric vehicle with three wheels. This vehicle from Toyota employs the latest technology to offer exhilarating and compact mobility for short-distance city driving. The i-ROAD is, like a conventional vehicle, ideal for personal mobility and equally suitable for sharing in as part of alast-mile-mobility service.

It utilizes a next-generation multi-modal navigation system. Analyzing traffic conditions, this system couples i-ROAD use with public transit and lastmile mobility to deliver the most efficient route to users via smartphone. The aim is to help reduce traffic and greenhouse gas emissions, making your city a cleaner and better place to live.



Starting in April 2015, the Toyota i-Road will also be driving around in Tokyo as part of the innovative EV sharing service program.

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