Charlene Li over homepage Google

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Analyse van Charlene Li over de stap van Google naar een homepage model:

Why is Google doing this? Is this a concession to the strength of portal competitors? To a great degree, yes. Of the people who use Google most frequently to search the Interent, only 17% also have Google as their default home page.

The biggest advantage that Yahoo and MSN (and yes, AOL) have is that they each have tens of millions of registered users. This is important if these sites want to be able to provide differentiated services to their users. In the end, it’s all about loyalty – and offering a better service thanks to personalized services will the differentiator.

But why would people give up a rich interface like Yahoo, MSN, or AOL for Google? I believe that only Google loyalists will do so. You can recognized them – they talk about how they used Google to solve gnarly problems and gross on and on about Gmail. But for the rest of us, we’ll need to be convinced that it makes sense.

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