Edward Snowden genomineerd voor Nobelprijs

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Edward Snowden genomineerd voor Nobelprijs

Bård Vegar Solhjell en Snorre Valen, van de Socialistische Linkse Partij in het Noorse Parlement, hebben Edward Snowden genomineerd voor de Nobelprijs voor de Vrede. Afgelopen jaar was Snowden ook al genomineerd en evenals toen is de kans klein dat hij dit keer gekozen wordt uit de 260 genomineerden. Maar zeker weten doen we dat pas wanneer in oktober de winnaar bekend wordt gemaakt.

Op de website van hun partij motiveren Solhjell en Valen hun nominatie als volgt:

As former Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Corigan-Maguire said, "peace is more than simply the absence of war; it is the active creation of something better". Our leaders are not merely actors on a global stage of preserving self-interest, they are also political leaders whom we need to trust, and hold accountable. Their responsibilities go beyond realpolitik and zero-sum games, their actions have real consequences for real people.

The new information technologies of the past few decades bring new possibilities for democratization, transparency and freedom of expression. But it also introduces new tools of oppression, surveillance, and espionage. Massive surveillance of ordinary people's communication, and targeted surveillance against allied leaders, is now possible on a scale that we wouldn't be able to imagine two or three decades ago. When democratic countries make widespread use of these possibilities without regard to people's rights to free expression, and the basic principles of the rule of law, they undermine their own legitimacy, and ability to effectively criticize and change the oppressive politics, massive surveillance, not to mention the cencorship, of authoritarian regimes.

A peaceful world order depends on trust between nations and trust between people. Peace brokering would be impossible without a basic level of trust. International agreements on non-proliferation and disarmament would be impossible without a basic level of trust. And peaceful resolutions to emerging security threats would be impossible without a basic level of trust.

Edward Snowden has revealed the nature and technological prowess of modern surveillance. The level of sophistication and depth of surveillance that citizens all over the world are subject to, has stunned us, and stirred debate all over the world. By doing this, he has contributed critical knowledge about how modern surveillance and intelligence directed towards states and citizens is carried out.

There is no doubt that the actions of Edward Snowden may have damaged the security interests of several nations in the short term. We do not necessarily condone or support all of his disclosures. We are, however, convinced that the public debate and changes in policy that have followed in the wake of Snowden's whistleblowing has contributed to a more stable and peaceful world order. His actions have in effect led to the reintroduction of trust and transparency as a leading principle in global security policies. Its value can't be overestimated.

A country's legitimate need for reliable intelligence to preserve its own security, must always be balanced against the people's individual freedoms – and the global need for trust – as an integral condition for stability and peace. Edward Snowden has made a critical contribution to restoring this balance.

Bijzonder dat het tweetal de mogelijke "korte -termijn-schade" noemt, maar ondergeschikt maken aan het grotere belang. Een mooie nuancering in een discussie die van Snowden òf een held òf een verrader lijkt te maken.


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