Krijgt Playboy een eigen virtuele wereld?

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Krijgt Playboy een eigen virtuele wereld?

Vorig jaar al was Playboy actief in Second Life, met bunny avatars ed. nu overweegt het mannenblad een eigen virtuele wereld te beginnen. Zo was te lezen op Onlangs gaf Playboy CEO Christie Hefner hints dat een virtuele wereld wel een serieus onderdeel kan worden van de online strategie van het concern:

"The playboy brand is what creates the unique connection we have with consumers and gives us a vital competitive edge. It is the strength and appeal of the brand that will drive the company's future success, and we intend to leverage that in both immersive real world and in the virtual environment to increase shareholder value."

"We believe that the potential of online is much greater than the performance we've seen in the last several years. And to realize that potential we have to catch up in terms of technological infrastructure and breadth of content and interconnectedness between what we do in the virtual world and what we're doing in other businesses in terms of e-commerce, in terms of events, in terms of advertising, in terms of social networking, etc."

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