Short quotes from the SEO PR session in London

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1. We are just starting to map out the “new world” of news search SEO.

2. We are no longer in a Mass-media, it will all be tailor made, press release needs to focus on the readers audience, then adjust the same newsrelease for bloggers, newssites, ad SEO friendly for Google and Yahoo News.

3. Why is News Engine SEO important? Approximately 30 million people throughout Western Europe use a News Engine every month .

4. Social Media Release will play a big part in how we communicate with engines and audiences alike.

5. Aggregators, newswires, news sites and portals offer different services and reach different audiences whether they are search engines, news search engines, the target audience (including bloggers) or the Media.

6. After testing Greg Jarboe discovered: Two versions of optimized press release generated 8 news stories!

With great thanks for the spreakers at SES London in session 'News Search SEO' Sprekers Rachel Hawkes (Elemental Communications), Katy Howell (Immediate Future) and Greg Jarboe (SEO-PR)

Paul Aelen

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