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Volgens een studie van Yahoo Search Marketing en onderzoeksbureau Compete zorgen Search Engines voor maar liefst 21% van het verkeer naar Automitive websites. In juni 2004 was dit nog 'slechts' 17,5%

"As search in general is increasing on the web, automotive search is growing significantly," Don Aydon, automotive category director for Yahoo Search Marketing, is quoted as saying.

The vast majority - 20.5 million - of the 25 million or so monthly visitors to car sites went to third party sites such as Kelly Blue Book, and 8.9 million visited manufacturers' sites (some visited both types). Nearly half (46 percent) of those using car names wound up on third-party sites, suggesting that those sites are purchasing brand keywords.

The largest share of car-related searches - 36 percent - used third-party brand names, such Edmunds. Carmaker names (e.g., Ford) accounted for 26 percent. General terms (e.g., SUV) accounted for 21 percent. And 17 percent were for specific cars, such as Toyota Camry. via

Paul Aelen

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