Dr. Kai-Fu Lee gaat Google China opzetten

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[20-07-2005/00.10] Google gaat een R&D center in China openen onder leiding van Dr. Kai-Fu Lee. Dr. Lee is een expert op het gebied van AI en hiervoor founder van Microsoft Research China (auch, that hurts?!). Google China R&D center opent q3 2005 haar deuren.

"It has always been my goal to make advanced technologies accessible and useful to every user, as well as to be part of the vibrant growth and innovation in China today," said Dr. Kai-Fu Lee. "Joining Google uniquely enables me to pursue both of my passions and I look forward to returning to China to begin this exciting endeavor."

[20-07-2005/09.28] Update: Microsoft sues over Google hire

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Paul Aelen

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