Link-based models have failed miserably

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Rand (SEOMOZ) heeft een interview gepost met Dr. Garcia (Orion). Hij is schrijver voor SearchEngineWatch en autoriteit op het gebied van Information Retrieval & Search Engine technology'. Een enkele passage:

Rand: Are there any standout shifts you see towards greater or lesser use of things like PageRank, Trustrank, VIPS, Local Link Popularity, etc.?

Dr. Garcia: Link-based models have failed miserably. Some few “verticals” are using feedbacks and reviews to improve results using Slope One methods and item-to-item collaborative filtering (personalization based on recommendation). I’m not sure if this technology is ready for general searches. A system based on item-to-item collaborative filtering and that considers users’ actions as “review votes” can be gamed, without not even considering the standard issues (scalability, security, spam etc).


Links will always be part of the “ranking mix” but not as much as many think. Contextual associations and semantics (meaning), on the other hand, is a must for search engines that want to assess the sense of documents.

Paul Aelen

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