oud CTO AltaVista naar Google

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John Battelle interviewde ex-AltaVisata en eBay research director Louis Monier en stelde hem de vraag waarom hij naar Google is gegaan:

“The main reason for me to leave is that eBay does not absorb innovation at the pace I enjoy, and its focus is narrower than Google. So rather than chewing on variations of e-commerce for the next few years, I’m very tempted to play with radically new stuff: satellites images, machine translation, ways to extract knowledge from giant bodies of data ... who knows what else? And frankly, I’m dying to peek under the hood and see the infrastructure they have created. For someone like me, it’s the ultimate Christmas toy.”

How did he get hired? He knew the Google co-creators, and “All it took was one email to Larry.”

Paul Aelen

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