Yahoo en Google beste toolbar

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CNet Reviews heeft 7 toolbars onderzocht. De toolbar van Yahoo en Google zijn het best!

Google & Yahoo - 8.3 (out of 10) (tied) - Yahoo gets the Editor's Choice nod because of its antispyware features. A9 - 7.3 - loses points for not having special searches (news, stock market) and no pop-up blocker whitelist options. HotBot & Alta Vista - 7 (tied) - Few special searches or added features (plus HotBot loses points for having such a lousy index). MSN - 6.7 - New toobar coming out next month, as part of Desktop Search. Ask Jeeves - 6.3 - Has the most features, but not a very good piece of software, and puts an annoying frame around web pages it finds.

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