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Bill Gates heeft wat vragen beantwoord tijdens een interview voor een editie van Business Week magazine. Een van de vragen ging natuurlijk over de Apple iPhone.

BW: Would you buy an Apple iPhone at $499 or $599?

BG: Well, of course, I’m the wrong person to ask. I like to dial numbers with one hand, and maybe I’m the only one. The phone space is where we think software will be the critical element. If there’s anything good about the iPhone, it’s software. How many companies in the world can do great software? Will Nokia step up to a world where software is super-important? It’s not clear. Will Sony? Well, they’re trying, but so far it’s been tough for them.

So the key trend to look at is the importance of software and then say who really has shown the ability to do strong software? In some ways, just we have. If you define it more broadly, yes, Apple has done a few things well. Google has done a few things well. But the leaps in software and the kind of long-term investments we’re making make it clearer than ever that we picked the right business, and the right place to contribute.

Ome Bill vergeet hier even dat de sterke Microsoft software toch regelmatig een belangrijke beveiligingsupdate nodig heeft.

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