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1130426312time capsule 1954

Vul je bericht in en geef aan of je het over 1, 2, 5, 10 of 20 jaar wil ontvangen. Niks geen gat graven in de tuin en alles in een Albert Hein zak proppen. Mail jezelf gewoon.

Ze doen dit ivm een communication special. Lees interviews met: (via boingboing)

- Noam Chomsky On The Spontaneous Invention Of Language Language abhors a vacuum. Also: On Why Kids Learn Languages Easily

- Jane Goodall On Why Words Hurt World's foremost expert on chimpanzees says language can make it harder to communicate. Also: On The Dangers Of E-Mail

- Vint Cerf On How The Internet Changed Communication Computer networking pioneer says the Internet is making our world a smaller place. Also: On Networking In Space

- Kurt Vonnegut On Telling A Story Legendary novelist warns that ink on paper is no way to communicate.

- Desmond Morris On Symbolic Gestures There's a lot of meaning in a raised finger. Also: On Close Encounters On Cross-Cultural Communication

- Wil Wheaton On Blogging An instant message conversation with one of the Internet's most popular bloggers.

M. Lens-FitzGerald

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