Uitspraken van Microsoft en Yahoo deze week!

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Yahoo: Terry Semel, CEO: “Yahoo! is now entering what I call its third phase — one focused on customers. We’re seeing the competitive and advertising landscapes evolve yet again and today we announced a realignment that we believe will let Yahoo! capture the major growth opportunities ahead. Simply put, we’re aligning our business around two key customer groups — our audience and our advertisers and publishers — supported by innovative technology.”

Microsoft: Erik Selberg of Microsoft’s Live.com search team blogged: “Will Microsoft beat Google? Maybe. Microsoft might beat Google. And Google might beat Microsoft. There aren’t many that have beaten Microsoft, but there are a couple…Google is pressing ahead, and they’ve got a big lead. So unless they do something monumentally stupid, it’ll be a long, tough challenge to catch and beat them. I don’t think that means it’s a 20 year thing, but I wouldn’t be shocked it if were 5 years.”

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