LIFT 09 exclusief: Anab Jain(NOKIA/ Superflux)

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Tijdens LIFT 2009 in Genève, Zwitserland, spreken wij exclusief met de interessante social designer Anab Jain. Een Britse vrouw met haar roots in India. In haar speech mixt Anab sociologische invloeden met de technische manieren van prototyping. Iets wat gigantisch mystiek klinkt daarom ook een verhelderend video-interview met de mystieke Anab om opheldering te vragen.

Anab Jain is a designer and filmmaker. She likes to tell speculative stories of possible near futures at the intersection of the technological and sociological. She also likes to make these stories tangible by using design objects as props and narratives. Most of all, she likes to play with tomorrow by engaging with people in every possible way.

Until recently she was design lead on a project at Microsoft Research Cambridge, which attempted to rethink notions of machine intelligence by developing product and service scenarios around biotechnology and RFID. Currently she works as a service and interaction designer at Nokia Design in London, while developing her emerging design practice ‘Superflux’. Her work has been exhibited and published internationally. She also occasionally dabbles in teaching and writing

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